Thursday, January 11, 2018

Elementary, dear Watson. Chronicles of Sherlock the flat coated retriever.

Upon deep contemplation during the holidays, I arrived at the revelation that my life was all but complete; sans a whiny, attention seeking, ill disciplined, pup. 

And with Lukas' help and support, my life is now complete. Sherlock, the two month old flat coated retriever, has consumed our life. We had planned to get him about a week later, but life happens, and we got him a week before planned, with the house not puppy proofed. After three days, I think we've elevated everything chewable, venomous and expensive beyond his current reach. 

There are some things quite endearing about him, I'll have to admit. Sherlock chose the apple adapter wire to chew on. He left the lenovo, samsung and one plus one alone. I love him so much more now. Shows he has great taste ;). Right now he is figuring out if one of my slippers is his best friend or mortal enemy, and while he does that, I am able to write this.

Himani and Sherlock have developed the proclivity to sleep perpendicular to each other on our bed--yeah, we're those people, whose dogs sleep on their beds--which allows me about an inch and change of sleeping space.

Admist all the de-worming, potty training, toy gun squirting, concerns about the colour of his vomit, sleep deprivation and near exasperation at his antics, there comes a moment when he playfully and curiously tilts his head, like most dogs do, you see your wife smiling a content, ecstatic smile, and you feel warm inside. Either that, or the red wine has started working. 

Another revelation was not to take contemplative holidays ever again.